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Stay Duvet Case Study

Stay Duvet has been directly integrated with Key Data for over a year now. Our proprietary property management system runs every aspect of our business and the Key Data integration allows us to organize and present our data in ways that we would have never imagined! Studying the various key performance indicators that the Key Data dashboard generates in real-time allows our team to analyze our reservation data, strategize, and implement action plans to stay ahead of our competition and achieve our annual revenue goals. Our integration with Key Data allows us to further leverage these tools and resources to incorporate the structuring of a relationship with a true short term rental revenue management consultant with the Rev and Research team. The team at Rev and Research helps to ensure we are reaching peak performance in our very seasonal business throughout the calendar year. Their use of the Wheelhouse platform has been business-changing. It’s very easy to interact with rates, and even with all our listings, adjustments can be done in a just few clicks.


We especially love Wheelhouse’s reactive demand model, it picked up on a drop in expected seasonal demand before we did and before our competitors did, which saved our occupancy so we were still on track toward our revenue goals. Having a partner in Rev and Research that knows how to make sense of market and company data, and has the ability to adapt and act quickly while maintaining a collaborative and transparent structure between us makes our partnership as successful as it could be. Combining the power of Key Data and Wheelhouse and driving our business forward with the best possible information and tooling is a major leap for any business and one we could never give up. I truly believe the combination of these softwares is the ideal stack for growing portfolios and teams. We thoroughly enjoy working with the Rev and Research team, benefiting from the work that they help us to accomplish, and we look forward to incorporating them into our growth model as we move into new markets across the nation.

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